Greatest Scientific Minds (Boxed Set of 3): Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton - Origin of Species | Relativity: The General and The Special Theory | The Principia

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Enrich the scientific wisdom in you with this skillfully crafted boxed set of three seminal works of the greatest scientists. This set brings together Charles Darwin's Origin of Species, which introduces the revolutionary concept of natural selection, Albert Einstein’s Relativity: The General and the Special Theory, which delves into the realm of theoretical physics, and Newton’s The Principia, which laid the groundwork for classical mechanics. This meticulous collection gives its readers an insightful glimpse into the groundbreaking discoveries of these legends of the scientific world and the impact they have on our present lives. Delve into the intellectual prowess of three iconic scientists! • A beautiful collection of three books showcasing groundbreaking scientific discoveries. • Ideal books to dive deep into the intricate concepts in the world of science. • Develops a sense of wonder and appreciation for the brilliant contributions made by these legends in the field of science. • A perfect boxed set for gifting and keepsakes. • An ideal value addition to any library.




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