Dr. Aditya R. Nighhot

U and Me - It Is Complicated

Experience the magical power of love that turns a non-reader into a bestselling author. Aditya, a nerd, falls head over heels in love with Rutuja, who happens to be the eye candy of the college. Rutuja loves books and wants Aditya to pen down a story. Will Aditya, a non-reader, manage to write a novel? Just when their relationship goes on a roller-coaster ride for the worse, Aditya decides to attempt suicide. Can a relationship make you weak? Can true love make you a rebellious, self-destructive, and violent person? Or will it pave the way for a better future?
Love is not complicated, people are.
●    Witness how love can bring out one’s hidden talents.
●    Explore this complex relationship and how it shapes their individual journey.
●    Delves into the themes of love, hope, and destiny.
●    Highlights the transformative power of love.
●    A roller-coaster ride leading to dark and intense moments that test their love and resilience.

Aditya Nighhot lives in Pune and is a doctor by profession. Starting at the age of twenty, he has penned two bestselling novels – Until Love Sets Us Apart (2018) and U n Me . . . It’s Complicated (2019). His first book, Until Love Sets Us Apart, became an instant national bestseller, winning him an award as well. Aditya is an avid reader, a photographer, and has keen interest in music and films. He also holds the honour of being among the first few authors in India to write Chatbot stories, namely Reprisals and Better late than never for an app called ‘Bite – Chatbot stories by Readify’. He is currently working on his next novel. Aditya is very active on social media and loves interacting with his readers and fans. You may connect with him on: 1) Instagram - @adityanighhot 2) Facebook page: www.facebook.com/adityanighhot 3) Facebook profile: www.facebook.com/authoradityanighhot 4) WhatsApp: 9623068037 To invite him to your college or events as a speaker/panellist, you may contact him on: 1) Email id: contact@adityanighhot.com / aadi9626@gmail.com 2) Website: www.adityanighhot.com



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