Prof. SN Dasgupta

A History of Indian Philosophy Vol. I

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Immerse yourself in the intellectual richness of Indian philosophical traditions with this scholarly masterpiece that unveils the development of philosophical thought in India from the Vedic period to the early centuries of the Common Era. This insightful book presents a panoramic view of diverse philosophical schools, including Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkhya, Yoga, and others, and offers invaluable insights into their key tenets and contributions. Extensive research and lucid writing make this volume an essential reference for students, scholars, and enthusiasts of Indian philosophy worldwide. A captivating journey through the philosophical heritage of India! • A comprehensive exploration of the evolution of Indian philosophical thought. • Highlights the philosophical systems, thinkers, and their ideas that have shaped Indian culture and spirituality. • An extensive overview of the diverse schools of Indian philosophy and their principles. • A perfect value addition for any library. • An ideal choice for lovers of history and philosophy.

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