Rohit Sharma

Humari Prem Kahani (Hindi)

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Ek Prem Kahani is a fascinating novel that revolves around the life of Veronica, who grapples with the harsh realities of the modeling world and her mother's struggles. She is ready to accept defeat and is ready to give up, contemplating the embrace of the Arabian Sea. Enter Aditya Bakshi, a man with a charming smile and heir to a wealthy empire, who hides a painful secret. What happens between them? Turn the pages of this compelling book to experience the enduring power of love. A tale to witness the pure prevalence of love! • A heartwarming love story to capture readers across generations. • A sweeping tale with an intricate plot and memorable storyline. • A novel that delves into the themes of human life, its hardships, and the undying power of love. • A motivating story about selfless love. • A perfect choice for romantic fiction lovers.

Rohit Sharma is a writer, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. His debut romantic-thriller, Te Amo . . . I Love You, was released in December 2012, and was an instant hit. It has also been translated in Hindi by him. His second book, 12 HOURS—an anthology of twelve engrossing short stories which he co-authored with Mahi Singla—was released in September 2013, and was widely appreciated by the media and the readers of all ages. After working on two completely different genres, he once again picked up the challenging genre of a dark, suspense thriller, with a flavour of romance and patriotism, and released his third book, Love of My Life, in 2018, which garnered praise from readers and reviewers. Born in Amritsar, and brought up in NCR, Rohit has written some of the most-read articles for FilterCopy. Apart from being a Gold-Medalist in Engineering (Honours) and getting inducted into the Hall of Fame of his college, Rohit successfully represented his college at various dancing and sketching competitions. Our Love Story is his fourth fiction book, in which he has touched yet another essence of romance fiction. He can be contacted at: Website – E-mail – Facebook – Instagram –



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