A.K. Gandhi

Dance to Freedom

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Dance to Freedom uncovers the untold tales of tawaifs, unrecognized heroes in India's fight for independence. Highlighting their vital contribution to the freedom movement, this book showcases their artistic brilliance and resilience against British oppression. It celebrates their enduring influence on Indian culture and politics, serving as a poignant tribute to these forgotten heroes who, through dance and defiance, made an indelible impact on the struggle for freedom. A must-read, this book unveils the untold stories that shaped India's history. Tawaifs - Pioneers of Dance and Freedom in India ● Explore the unheard stories of tawaifs—a group often overlooked in the narrative of India's struggle for independence. ● Delve into their art and how it influenced Indian society, their accepted social status, as well as their unjust treatment and marginalization. ● An insight into the political, socio-cultural, and historical context of India's independence struggle ● Highlights how tawaifs broke the boundaries of gender roles and used their art to support the freedom movement. ● A unique perspective on traditional historical narratives.

A.K. Gandhi



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